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Workshops Designed Specifically For Pre-School  Children

Using puppets and story telling, Mini Minds helps to encourage children to develop on their empathetic understanding and consideration of others. Often young children struggle to share their toys and build friendships because they don't understand the perspectives and needs of those around them. Role-play, games and teaching strategies are used to help children develop these valuable life skills and so supporting them in establishing and maintaining friendships.

Mini Mind workshops also involve art, playdough and musical instruments to help build on children's emotional vocabulary. When a young child does not posses these skills, this often results in tantrums and can be hugely challenging for parents and carers. Although these tantrums are a normal developmental stage, Mini Minds can support children in understanding them further and help them to find alternative ways of expressing their frustrations, wishes and needs.  In line with the E.Y.F.S. Mini Minds supports the development of self-awareness.

Option 1- One off Workshops 

The one off workshops are carried out in small groups. This ensures all children can fully participate and allows those who feel less comfortable speaking in large groups to be involved. Group size is dependent on how many children are in your setting.  32 children can experience a Mini Minds workshop during the course of one morning, with repeated group workshops of 8 children per group. For smaller settings, workshops can be carried out in groups of 5. Depending on the age of the children, each workshop lasts for 40-45 minutes. Workshops can be re-booked if/when necessary, or on a termly basis whereby children can participate in different activities each time. 

Option 2- Weekly Workshops (dependent on availability)

Regular weekly workshops can also be provided for settings. This can be run as an extra curricular activity or an after hours club that parents can sign up to. These can run for 6, 8, or 12 weeks, meaning that children complete a block of sessions. Regular attendance of these can promote children's focus, concentration, resilience and understanding of appropriate behaviours, holding young children in good stead prior to the commencement of primary school.